All About me!

   Hi my name is Sandy and I'm an addict. I have been scrapbooking and cardmaking for almost 12 years and I am obsessed. If there is a new tool to be bought I will buy it... If there is a new technique to be used I will try it!!! Help me!!!
   I'm a mom of three beautiful kids!!! I work at the best place on earth (Michaels Arts and Crafts) and I have a wonderful SO in my life that helps me keep it all together!!!
   I said I worked at the best place on earth and that is no lie. I love my job. I work in a craft store and I get to play with all of the new scrapbook toys. I also teach SDU and host all of our crops and Demo's.
   I am a certified teacher in the state of North Carolina and though I do not currently work in a school, I still teach kids... after all I do have  three of my own!! Hahahaha