Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Envelope Albums

Hi everyone!!!
    I just got done making my Christmas Envelope Albums for gifts for my family. The procedure is really simple:
Step 1: Glue or adhere the flap of one envelope to the non-flap side of another envelope. Make sure that the flap of the second envelope opens the opposite direction as the one you are adhering so that it creates an accordion fold.
Step 2: continue adding on envelopes to achieve the size album you would like to make. (I have found that a 4-6 envelope album is perfect for me to create multiples)
Step 3: depending on the size of your envelopes (the ones I have shown are two sizes. The red envelopes for Christmas are 4x5 and the creme winter one is 5x6) cut your solid CS pieces 1/4 inches smaller on each side (3 3/4 x 4 3/4 ect...)
Embellish as you desire with PP, gems, bling, stamps, ect.... I'd love to see pictures of everyone's work!!!

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  1. LOVE this idea. Will be making one in the future.