Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Star Albums

All My new Star Albums that I made today. I have another one that I did with a School picture theme as well that turned out really cute!! I hope you like them. If you need instructions how to make a star album, it is very simple:
8 pieces of 6x12 cs or pp
8 Pieces of 6x10 cs or pp
8 pieces of 6x8 cs or pp
fold each piece of paper down the center
glue each edge together at the far left edge and the far right edge only. (The folds will be 1" apart from each other.)  
Line up you paper with the 6x8 on top of the 6x10 on top of the 6x12 
On the left edge of your 6x12 put a strip of adhesive and adhere the 6x10 piece edge to edge.
Place a strip of adhesive on the left edge of the 6x10 piece and adhere the 6x8 piece edge to edge.
fold the 6x8 piece, on the edge of the back of the piece put a strip of adhesive and fold over the 6x10 piece. Repeat this with the 6x10 and 6x12 piece. You have completed your first unit. Make 7 more units.
adhere each unit front to back leaving a cover and a back. use a ribbon to create a tie to close your album (To place the ribbon you can adhere it around the front and hold the ribbon in place when you adhere a unit to the back).

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